Welcome to Harris Auto Repair of Lawrence, KS

Leading auto repair shop in Lawrence, Kansas

For over a decade, Harris Auto Repair has been family owned and operated serving Lawrence, KS and surrounding areas. Customers rely on our professional service for all their auto repair and maintenance needs. All our auto repair shop's processes are in accordance with state and national regulations regarding environmental safety.

We have a 6 bay garage to serve all your vehicle needs quickly and efficiently. We understand sophisticated car systems in foreign and domestic vehicles, and our trained technicians are constantly enhancing their education to better meet your car repair and maintenance needs.

Auto Repair Products / Services Include:

  • Computer wheel alignment
  • Brake repair (brake pads / rotors / drums / wheel bearings)
  • Engine repair
  • Air conditioning repair / service
  • Coolant flush
  • Custom exhaust systems
  • Shock and strut services
  • Tire repairs ( patching )
  • Transmission repair / overhauls
  • Tire sales and installation

We use oils by Valvoline™, Castrol™, and Mobil 1™. We are also a Conklin oil and lubricant distributor.

Hit a pothole or curb? Get your alignment fixed ASAP!

The Monday Morning Mechanic shows how hitting a pothole or curb can lead to broken shocks and struts and misaligned wheels. These can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, tires that wear much faster than normal, and wasted money. Your best bet is to bring your vehicle into a trusted ASE-Certified repair shop and have your alignment checked along with your shocks & struts!

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